why, oh God, why do you have a scene in SE01 E17 at 9:20 min into the episode, where

J.Gordon uses reading glasses to a screen of an old B/W TV and magically is able to read a logo brand of a jacket.

How did the glasses add hundreds of more pixels to the resolution behind them.

This has ruined it for me, not watching now. Even Mission Impossible where they say "use DDOS to take over their systems" is better than this.

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    Well, perhaps he is very very blind...
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    God is all about adding pixels
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    This is what u are mad abt in your whole life
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    He's only on S1... ok I'll leave him alone before I spoil the rest of the show for him.
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    Dude, like every TV show ever has done this. If that's you basis for a show being ruined, stop watching TV as that's nothing. Csi already pulled a facial recognition quality image from a 640x480 image which captured a reflection in a pane of glass 6 blocks down and like 20 stories up of a guy on the street.
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    LoL 😂 but you are interested in a billionaire martial arts ninja detective in a bat costume fighting criminals 😛
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    @C0D4 Yeah, that's far from the worse in this "show".

    @cursee "You take that back!"
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    @Jilano, his in for some rough surprises.

    Mind you, besides the "tech" and plot hole issues I didn't actually mind the show overall.
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