Persuade me on my next language. Right now I use python. Debating between JavaScript, Go, or C/C++. You'll get a ++bomb prize for responses that are detailed and include good resources for learning. Commence!

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    Reason...because I want it to become the standard way of coding React apps and every recruit helps...
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    All of the above.

    They all have their purpose and use cases, and as a developer / programmer you should not be restrained to a language but to a greater level of knowledge to use many languages to solve your problems where appropriate.
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    What is the use case? What are you hoping to achieve?
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    Learn C++ because you can write python modules with it.

    I recommend boost python. It has nice api.
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    Rust or Go or Scala.
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    Given your profile, you might want to go with c++ purely because you code on Windows. But you could code everything else as well.
    I recommend Go to everyone simply because it has a low learning curve with high value being added to performance and practices via Go strucslts&interfaces
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    And you can use web assembly with c++ and you have web development
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    Alright, seems like C++ and Go are out in front. No explicit calls for javascript - not too surprising lol.
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    Well C++ (and C) are quite general languages and required by quite many job postings. With those languages you can get job quite easily.

    But if you have job already then you can go to any language you wish to learn. I'm now learning Rust (to replace C/C++ and Python) on personal projects. But my upcoming job is C developer.
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