This is one of the best explanation I have ever seen for the difference between SIGTERM and SIGKILL.
Picture credit : www.itsfoss.com

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    I actually learned something. + it's cool :)
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    Of course you should be gentle as often as possible. But if there is limited cooperation, I won't hesitate to be brutal.
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    My professor needs to see this... heck, actually every CS professor need to see this. FWD this to your professor if you're still in school.
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    Having lived in infrastructure and now back in dev, if you have a process that won't die quickly and give responsive status, ops will sigkill to get their job done and get users back in business. The longer they wait the more chat windows, drive-by's, emails and tickets. So beyond making sure your app shuts down quickly, save yourself by using non-corruptible IO.
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    Why are my eyes sweating!
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    @stormwise As the good 'ol Liam Neeson says: I will find you, and I will kill you
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    This explanation should be on the documentation!
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    Except sigterm could be denied by Bob.
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