BOSS: i will need your resume for this new project, can you make it?
ME: sure, but don't you have one?
BOSS: yes, but i would need it changed for a new details
ME: ok...

after work...

BOSS: we have a problem, remember that resume? we need it on english, and need it right now, can you translate it at home?
ME: ok, but give me a few minutes...

sends translated resume...
BOSS: ummm, it's not translated well, you didn't translate your education...
ME: the name of the school? you can't translate that...
BOSS: this lady asked for it, so do it...
ME: ok...

sends again...
BOSS: not quite there yet, you have ฤ† in your last name, translate that...
ME: translate my last name?
BOSS: yeah, this lady has a spell check and saw that incorrect...
ME: .....

im going to celebrate when i leave this itterate shithole

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    Wtf!?! Translate your name ๐Ÿ˜…
    Where on earth are you applying?
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    "Damn you and your exotic name!"
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    Sometimes you just have to say no.
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    Why the hell did he need your resume for a project?
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    He did ask you to translate a single letter? Even that he couldn't have done by himself?
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    Presume this is some sort of consultancy where the client gets resumes on the proposed team. If so, be prepared, for this will be the client from hell
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    Name: John Smit

    Done, beautiful
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    Reminds me of the time when some people in germany liked to translate Microsoft to "Kleinweich". What an idiotic request.
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    I understand some bosses can be stupid, but this is just disrespectful.
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    Wait. Why do you have to update your resume for another project in the same company?
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    @Root sometimes IT project house clients require the team resumes so they can decide on whether to buy their services or not.
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    Because MS word underlines it doesn't mean it's wrong...
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    Exotic name with special character reporting in ๐Ÿ˜…
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    My last name ends in ฤ‡.

    What the fuck, if someone asked me to translate my name I'd laugh at them. Coincidentally, my name translated is like a well known tractor brand name. :D

    Translating school? Hell, some people are dumb.
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    Yeah, this is common practice, but why did they ask you to translate your name idk. I mean your first name is translatable in some cases like "Jano" - "John"... Stuff like that.. but lastname? No, never, that's retard level stuff
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    @Quirinus your last name ends with ฤ‡? Baš o tom problemu priฤam :D
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    @milkygreen too many cryptic posts please tell us your name๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
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    @KorDarei haha da

    haha yes
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