Don't develop depression, develop a personality instead, be more outgoing and outspoken, work out, dress better and make your life shit that goes beyond coding.

Tired of people in tech being this way. Everyone acts as if monkeying away on the keyboard makes them some sort of autistic genius that is too good for everyone else.

Some of you have the social skillset of a fucking potato.

You code dude. Most of you develop websites...chill the fuck out.

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    Thank you.
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    People really need hobbies that isn't coding.

    There's a reason why I care about sports just as much as (and sometimes even more than) coding. It's got a bit of an adrenaline rush when you're watching your team in a close game and the feeling of watching them kick the shit out of another team (like watching the Nationals beat the shit out of the Dodgers today lol) is a great feeling too.

    There's no way in hell I want to do a job for a living then turn around and do the same thing for fun every damn night.

    I just started to care how I dressed about two years ago and I genuinely wish I did it ages ago. I used to look sloppy 24/7, and now I don't like to go out looking like that unless I have to
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    Thank you for sharing the ultimate cure for depression, i'll buy some clothes and go out with people and i'll stop having suicidal thoughts. Years of taking meds and going to shrink were totally wasted efforts, we have the cure!

    For f*cks sake, you have literally no idea of what depression is and how is it to live with it. Not to mention how exhausting it's too maintain social connections when you think of yourself as failure or obstacle in other ppls lives. How vulnerable you are when depressed. Making your bed in the morning is a meaningless act, and it's hella difficult. I can go with this way longer than anyone wants to read.
    Disclaimer: I have depression myself. On meds. Keeping the dark thoughts at bay for some time.
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    @mt3o I'm pretty sure it's what @rutee07 said.

    It's even worse on other social media (looking at you Tumblr). All these fake ass depressed 13 year olds that are "sUiCiDaL" over trivial shit.

    Like I understand that the trivial stuff to us now wasn't trivial then, but it's not fucking depression at all.

    @rutee07 thank God someone said the shit about imposter syndrome. I've tried to rant about it but I could never word the rant to be an exactly what I had in my mind lmao
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    @mt3o its for the retards that keep stating that they have depression when they don't have shit.

    Clinical depression is serious debilitating shit.

    Instagram reddit intrawebs depression however is not and I will make fun of these self diagnosed fgits all i want.
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    Shut the fuck up and let me suffer
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    @tekashi shut the fuck up and kiss me
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    @irene que jodidos quieres?
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    @AleCx04 shut up and dance with me
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    The worst part is that people claiming to be depressed when they're actually just sad or something has the effect of trivialising it, which makes it worse for people with legit depression.
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    @mt3o prevention is not a cure. In the very first sentence OP explains the post is about prevention. And I agree with him. In med schools they teach the same thing.

    No need to be angry or offended :)
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    @AleCx04 quiero un horchata y tambien dos mil dollares, y despues no voy a tener problemas
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    I think the problem with devs, in this respect, is that these this weird idea that coding is somehow some incredibly intellectual thing that is misunderstood by society and, one day in the near future, the rapture will occur and we'll all be elevated to philosopher queens.

    As there are very few barriers to entry, anyone can join this misunderstood group of intellectuals and use membership as a social crutch.

    I'm sorry to have to inform everyone, but this rapture isn't coming. Your coding skills are more commoditized than they have ever been---and that's going to continue.

    Look at guys like David Sparks. He's a full time lawyer who has a coding business as a fucking side gig.

    So, if you are building a quantum computer, fair enough. But, if you are creating line of business apps then, sorry, it's just a job like a million others. Don't let it define you. A world of hurt lies at the end of that path.
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    "I don't belong to this planet"

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    Feel like it's a needle in a haystack sometimes running into other devs that have any idea what a social interaction should be
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    op, i kind of agree, but I feel that you're putting in the same bag being depressed and having coder ego.

    definitely agree on the coder ego part, but you went a little /r/motivated on the depressed part:

    it's overly simplistic although im not gonna deny it can be good advice for some people.

    @Stuxnet you know how being old and out of touch is a bad thing?
    i think you're too in of touch.
    who gives less than a ninth of a fuck what 13 year olds say? why even mention it?

    maybe you're very young?

    in any case, some of those cringey kids on tumblr do end up committing suicide, maybe they were molested or suffered some other trauma.

    by 13 the brain hasn't fully developed so even if you're suicidal at 13, it's normal to have a cringey tumblr page.

    i fucking hate the level of cringephobia and thought police of people online. it's ironically more cringe and circlejerk.

    disclaimer: not totally against cringe humour... but sometimes people beat a dead horse
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    @netikras yeah, but you actually realize that nothing he wrote is actually successful against depression? Let me remind people like Robbie Williams or Avicii. Outstanding, very good with people and social situations, yet depressed. Dead.
    People throwing smartass advices on serious problems. Making those problems look easy, trivial to overcome, pushing those struggling - even deeper into the darkness.
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    @mt3o once again, this is not how one copes with depression. This is how one prevents it from occurring in the first place.

    You won't find a 3-step ritual to cure your depression. But you can find one to keep it away from you.

    These suggestions DO work and they work very well. For them to work one has to live by them day-by-day, NOT just when one is feeling upset
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    @mt3o @netikras said it already for me. You keep reading "omg depressed people stop being depressed!" When it is:
    A) not what I said
    B) not even the point of the post.

    If you have clinical depression then by all means cope with it in whichever way you find best for you. Away from this post which does.not.target.you

    If you think you are a misunderstood genius that somehow understands the secrets of the universe through web development and thinks that he is depressed out of how smart he is: then yes, this shit is for you.

    The only thing that I am getting from you is that you think this was aimed at you(reading comprehension) and that you had the need to speak about your depression because again, you felt targeted.

    You weren't dude. I promise.
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    @jesustricks you are getting the wrong feeling. I am merely trying to state that these dudes that think that they are some form of misunderstood genius are being stupid.
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    @AleCx04 just in case my post was misunderstood, in which I just said thank you, no sarcasm intended, literally thank you for saying this.

    You hit it right on the head. Couldn't say it better myself, and in tired of reading posts from people who complain about their problems that are mostly self generated.

    If you don't have a certified, real diagnosis from a competent doctor, shut the fuck up.

    If you think you have a problem, please see a doctor.

    My sister literally checked herself into n institution by saying I want to kill myself most days please help me. And she stayed for a year voluntarily, just to make sure. If you're not prepared to put that much effort in, then again please shut the fuck up.
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    Wow, im cured thanks!
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    @Atlas117 of bad reading comprehension? Not yet, keep reading the rant instead of targeting yourself :D
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    @AleCx04 Nope, read it fine if you will. Didn't know you double Majored in CompSci AND Psychology, you do you!
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    @Atlas117 shit then be my guest. Glad your intelligence based depression got cured.
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    @AleCx04 TIL Intelligence = knowledge/experience. who would have thought...
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    @Atlas117 so first you focused on being the target of a post that had nothing to do with you in order to bring people's attention to you having depression (allegedly because of your initial whiny and misguided comment) and now you comment on something entirely different.

    Well someone wants attention!
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    @AleCx04 no, first off I referenced /r/thanksimcured because if anyone reads your post they need to be reminded to pay no heed to such toxic attitude.

    Second, it grinds my gears when people talk about things they have no clue about like they knew jack shit. Even in medical fields depression is still under heavy scrutiny, yet you HAPPENED to stumble on the answer to the age old question that has been slipping under our radar.

    Third, not only do you stereotype austim, you basically toss it like an insult.

    Fourth, the reason why someone might have poor social skills might be, surprise surprise, because they have asperger, depression, trauma or other underlying issue, and you belittling their issues does the opposite of helping.

    Fifth, depression isn't always developed, it's really common for it to be chronic.

    Sixth, social anxiety/awkwardness =/= too good for everyone else. If anything that mindset is commonly developed as a defence mechanism for that issue.

    I hope that those you target do overcome their issues, but I doubt you'll have any credit in that.
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    Dear lord.... some of you are really dense. I did not postthis as a "zomg depressed people! quit being depressed!"

    I posted this as a jab at the morons that self diagnose themselves with depression over internet cringe. AS I have already mentioned before to some of the other users that decided(much like yourself) to believe that this was aimed at them. I don't care, but don't come over here telling me about what I meant or what the motive behind what I said was when you are completely off the mark.

    I had already told you that you were not the target of the rant, but just in case your royal denseness continues:

    "If you have clinical depression then by all means cope with it in whichever way you find best for you. Away from this post which does.not.target.you.

    If you think you are a misunderstood genius that somehow understands the secrets of the universe through web development and thinks that he is depressed out of how smart he is: then yes, this shit is for you."
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    @AleCx04 why are you getting so heated? chill.
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    @Atlas117 you gave me an enumerated response, sure I am the one that needs to chill? lmao
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    @AleCx04 it's public not private, check your ego
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    @Atlas117 ah so we are not making sense now. Cool. Have a good one buddy.
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    @AleCx04 i'm in the middle of reading the thread, but i have to write it: I (and not only me, as I see) don't feel targeted. I feel triggered. What you wrote is wrong and dangerous for those who really suffer.
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    @mt3o it really isn't since I was not targeting people who actually suffer. If you read the thread and really continue to believe that I was targeting people that DO have it then by all means continue, y'all keep barking at the wrong tree with this shit and all I read is that you all want to be offended at something that was not even the initial point. I already stated(repeatedly) that such people are not who I am talking about. Shit gets annoying really.
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    @AleCx04 omg. You still don't get it. You use words that have specific meaning. I doesn't matter who you think you addressed. Substitute "depression" with "cancer" or "have a close relative take their own life" and then analyze what you wrote.
    You stand from the point in which depression is just a humor, or, idk, something like vitamin deficiency. You expressed that people won't have depression if they have social connections and buy nice clothes, that's bullshit. What also triggers me, you correlate depression with the preferred of line of work people have and worth their personality traits. Watch at least god damn youyube videos of Jordan Petersen on introversion and extraversion, and on depression and educate yourself.
    Currently I see you as a person who crossed a line, who was unaware that, but after being told tells that the line is not there, and it's not a line but a triangle.
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    @mt3o consider this. Suppose there's a regular guy who gets a bit of bad news (eg. They failed an exam or something). They feel sad. Or maybe they haven't done their thesis project and the stress is creeping up. So they go to social media and spam that they have depression and try to make a big attention-grabbing spectacle out if it.

    As someone with legit depression, doesn't that sicken or anger you, that people are taking a legit condition and trivialising it for themselves? To use your cancer statement, it's the difference between legit having cancer (analogous to your case) and going around telling everyone on Facebook that you have cancer just because your stomach aches a bit, with no medical diagnosis (their case) (a bit exaggerated but you get the point).

    Several of my close friends have legit depression, it's a horrible thing to go through and I really get triggered at people who pretend to be depressed for attention or whatever reason. OP's post is about the same topic.
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    @mt3o keep thinking whatever you want man. I give 2 shits if you wanna go ahead and make assumptions. I tried, for the sake of not wanting to make you feel that I was being an asshole to people with depression. But you are on a different level. Believe what you want really.
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    @RememberMe i can't with these dudes anymore. I guess any retarded kid on the internet saying that he has depression cuz "zoMG hE is a GenIUS" is valid and accredited in every shape or form to them.

    I didn't know that all I have to do is say that I have depression as well. Fuck doctors. My self diagnosis is just as valid
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    @AleCx04 dismiss pokemons when talking about serious health problem.
    You could have written, i don't know, "if you think you are depressed, go visit a psychiatric". Instead you sent people to clothes shop.
    You think you have depression? Schedule a series of visits with psychiatrist, not write about it on the internet.
    While @RememberMe is triggered by people who advertise themselves as depressed (++ for what he wrote), I'm triggered by people making jokes of depression. If you actually loose a family member because you thought it's just whining, you'd be speaking differently.
    I see that you don't want to look at the other side of the problem, from the perspective of someone who experienced this. There is no point in me writing anything more. I feel that I can't have you to go beyond your own perspective, I feel sad for that. I hoped that I could show you different perspective, but failed.
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    @mt3o because I ALREADY know of that perspective, I don't need to tell you of friends or family that suffer from that and I do not need to validate my own experiences to you. The reason why @RememberMe mentioned what he did about people faking depression is EXACTLY where I am coming from, but you would much rather make yourself a victim or a martyr of what I wrote than acknowledge that I was never targeting you from the beginning. He even told you that my post is about that but you just won't fucking budge with that shit, you really want to take it differently. This is getting beyond fucking annoying, its like if you were hell bent on being offended or taking shit a different way.
    And I would never be dismissive of pokemons. FU for that dude, that crossed the line like a motherfucker.
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    Holy shit I didn't read all of this but wow you really dedicated. I applaud you. This shit needs to be said and whatever you said 5, 10 posts plus Bravo I'm sure it's great. Now if you'll excuse me I have other shit to do.
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    @StefanH you're motherfucking welcome dude!
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    @AleCx04 the meltdown lol
    i don't blame you, i think that would get me too
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    @jesustricks it got crazy man.
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    @irene go shopping 🤣
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    @mt3o damn, you keep going at it. This must have really hurt you eh?
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    It's just that i still have notifications for this thread and have little too much time to spare 😂
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    Haha, that really made me laugh, really!
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