Rants about PHP being mediocre are based on version 5.6 and below. PHP 7 is different beast.

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    And php 7.4 is bae ♥️
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    Mediocre beast
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    No, rants about php being awful is based on 5.x 7.4 is mediocre.
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    I have to agree, I used to hate PHP when I was a kid, now I have to work on a PHP project and its actually so much more comfortable to develop in PHP than to go through the hassle of react/java building and restarting and live reloads... arggh...
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    Didn't people say the same thing about PHP5?
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    True, but there are better things now.. not node though
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    Bitch please, you want mediocre, go work on a PHP4 project - yes they are still in the wild.

    PHP5.x was the stepping stones we needed to get out of the dark times.

    PHP7 is a step further in the right direction, but we still have a way to go.
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