Do mechanical keyboards actually make a difference?
Is it worth the dosh?
What kind of keyboard do you use?

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    register (worth it) at www.drop.com they have frequently awesome mech keyboards.
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    Simple answer: HELL YES.

    Now... before you go, of course a mech keyboard user would say that....

    I only changed over in the past couple of weeks, there's something about it that just feels good and easy, except the noise but you get used to it. I actually think my typing speed has increased, although I haven't actually tested that theory yet.

    Board: cooler master masterKeys lite

    I didn't buy it for the RGB, but it's a nice touch when slowed down.
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    MS natural keyboard. For a couple of decades now. Keyboards are like shoes. Always try them out yourself, don't take anybody's advice as gospel, and don't lie to yourself because you'll spend more time in your life with your hands on your keyboard than on your significant other.
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    @heyheni Thanks for a link, not completely sure why drop is superior though
    @C0D4 So we are same, we both use a high quality membrane keyboard. That's why I'm bothered by the mech-hype ;D
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    @HitWRight the hype doesn't concern me, i think the hype is due to the custom boards people make at 60% or less, I have no use for a mini keyboard though, it took me a while to find a decent one with a numbpad as it was and finally settle for it.
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    I never give a damn about types of keyboard before, until i tried to code on others workstation.

    The difference is obvious, the way your fingers glide through all those key caps, hitting those shortcuts, felt like kicking ass.

    Btw, i ended with logitech K780 now.. ditched apple keyboard immediately. looking forward for the crown.
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    Das Keyboard 4. TBH, I'm not sure I type well enough for it to be a massive difference from a decent membrane.

    However, the quality makes it very satisfying to use.
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    Keyboards, mice, and screens.
    I personaly do not like the mech keyboards - the noise drives me up a a wall.
    but always take those for a spin - you will be touching 2 of them, and staring at the other for hours/days/months - they better be good.
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    Its totally worth it ! I had bought my first mech keyboard unknowingly and I could never use any other keyboards.

    15 years on, its still as good as new.

    I bought myself a cherry red for work to dull down the noise. There are different types of keys out there, figure out the one for your need.
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    @monkeyboy man, when you put it that way... sounds depressing. And now I'll be thinking of you when I touch my woman, awkward.
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    In terms of typing speed or productivity? Nope.

    I still have one at home and it is pretty fun to type on but thats about it.
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    I use old Logitech Wave keyboard, it's slightly ergonomic, reduces thestress you put on your wrists. Pity they don't make those keyboards anymore.
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    Standard keyboards with mechanical key switches - nope, but they do make it a lot more bearable to type on for long hours.

    Keyboards with programmable features - hell yes. You could change your keyboard's entire layout and have literally everything under your fingertips. It's bonus to have different types of mechanical key switches available for them.
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    Mechanical keyboards certainly make a difference - for anyone else in the office.
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    Generally I dislike rubber dome switches, they often feel too mushy and have worse feedback, when they actuate.

    Exception to this are scissor switch keys. I think they are still very good choice, if you want to save a bit of money.

    If going mechanical, I would suggest low profile switches. I generally don't like to have too much key travel. I think it's unnecessary and just makes you type slower.
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    @irene But a silent mechanical keyboard is as pointless as using Arch without telling everyone.
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    @platypus das professional is great if you like the minimalistic quality feels!
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    I use an IBM m5-1 from the early nineties. Had it and a another restored by phosphorglow. It has a built in trackball. After all these years the capacitor leaked and he was able to diagnose and fix it. I even brought it to the office and clacked away with impunity! Haters gonna hate!
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    @clijunky woah, that trackball model is really hard to get hold of! Where did you get it?

    And yes, it does make a huge difference once you are accustomed to mechanical keyboards. I use a Model M as well. It is incredibly sturdy (very tough assembly and thick plastic, it weighs about 2kg I think) and a joy to type on (at least for me, because that thing’s loud as fuck!).

    Typing on rubber domes feels like a huge downgrade from the sweet buckling springs. You will only be able to tell once you tried some boards.
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    @RantSomeWhere I found two on eBay. If you run across one and the trackball doesn't work, it's still good to grab and repair. I'm still searching for a small form factor 84 key model M.
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    @clijunky how about the model F Kishsaver? There's even a reproduction project with buckling spring mechanism and USB.
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    @heyheni Looks very cool, but I'd be in quite a pinch without my F keys
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    @clijunky @heyheni these things are expensive, tho
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    Once you use mechanical keyboard, you will never go back to membranes. It’s just feels good to type.

    I use Anne Pro at work (Gateron Blue Switch) and Razer Ornata Chroma at home.

    Anne Pro is good, compact 60% keyboard. I actually love it (my worktable is clean). Ornata is good if you like customizations. I sometimes play games and the wrist rest is super comfortable.

    I bought Ornata for around $80 bucks during sales.
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    @clijunky Don't you miss the Windoes/super keys in your day to day use?
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    @HitWRight I don't. I'm blessed enough to get to use linux and the WM (stumpwm) of my choice for work. No need for a windows key. I use F keys but can remap as needed.

    In the few instances I've needed Windows, I can run it in a VM.
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    I use the same board as @mt3o, the Logitech Wave keyboard. And like @Irene I own two of them one at work (wireless version) & one at home (wired).

    All the advice given here is very valuable to help you make a decision, but in the end, it is what works for you.

    It's like asking what cellphone you should get? Most will get the job done, but what works for you is a personal choice.
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