Guess who just pushed a whole week's work straight into production without a single damn test and everything works fine?😎😎😎

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    When it fails it'll fail so spectacularly a rubber duck won't do it, you'll need an exorcist.
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    it is waiting for you to turn your back. then It will eat you alive
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    Pride before a fall
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    On a friday?!? 😱
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    So it took you an entire week to write a hello world?
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    You are so incredibly irresponsible... I sincerely hope it bites you in the ass so you learn better.
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    /shame. Hope it works out tho
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    I would not hire you, OP
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    No one 😂
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    😂😂😂😂guys chill! Is it a sin to write bug free code?
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    No, but it is a sin to not test it. Really
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    Living on the edge 😂
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    @Linux I am happy that everything works fine.Guys are misinterpreting this for negligence which isn't the case because i usually test code.Its just that the tight deadline would not allow me this time.
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    @Mitch377 what attitude?
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    This was not received well by the community. Glad to see that people understand the importance of tests, although OP may not quite yet.
    Hope it works out well for you OP, but make sure you understand the risks of doing what you did 😘
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    @bdhobare shame on your PM 😢
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    @MaxMayo You made me laugh. Real hard.
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