Overtime weekend.
What kind of pizza gives the best dev performance?

I'm leaning towards Chicago style ham and shrooms for development and something heavier for debugging. What greasy pleasure makes your devengine purr?

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    I don't do pizza, hot and spicy chicken madras curry, or a lamb methi with 2 chapatis. Pizzas just make me hungry and lethargic.
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    Greek style for me sausage peppers and onions. Local house of pizza type places are the best for it.
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    New York style so you can eat with one hand and keep coding with the other.

    + Thin crust owns imho
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    Something with BBQ sauce, usually one that has chicken and a number of veggies. Add garlic sauce to dip it in and you're good :)
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    an infinite pizza
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    Totally Hawaiian or one with Meatballs
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    So developers can get in a holy war about tabs vs spaces or languages and when it comes down to pizza fuck it. Everything counts as long as it round, and resembles something with dough and cheese? Any Italian developers around?!
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