Mobile app dev here 🙋‍♂️

Guy at work asking me why his phone feels heavier then mine (we have the same phones)

I just told him that his phone gets heavier with every apps he installs.

1 week later he meets me outside the office and tells me he deleted a lot of apps and his phone is actually lighter know.

Sometimes I just want to cry 😂😂😂

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    A professor of mine would tell people that had network problems to straighten the ethernet cable because the sharp corners make it harder for the 1s to get through.
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    To be honest a full USB drive is heavier than a fully zeroed out one though its only measurable on a special weighing scale.
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    @BobbyTables hahah that's a good one too
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    @Codex404 yeah I know technically it's true but humans can't tell a difference
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    @BobbyTables Well isn't he kinda correct? If you have utp and jam/twist it in weird positions maybe even damage the outer linings a bit.. it will get much hugher interferrence than usual, which causes data corruption and loss resulting in resending of damaged packages and 'slower' transfer rates due to resending.. Same goes for optic fibre..no need for total cut, maybe just damaged and it will manage to pass signal from one point to other but it will be corrupted and discarded and retried.. Anyhow, might be my brain playing games on me since it's been years since I studied this..so don't kill me if I remember wrong..
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    Placebo effect
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    @BobbyTables 😂😂😂🙈
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    Good humour 😂
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    @sladuled forget about just damage.
    Signals are electrons .
    Electrons are physical particles.
    So it's true that electrons travel better in straight or smoother curves
    And sharp corners increase resistance because imagine a speeding dodgem car bumping against a sharp turns wall to be able to move forward.
    In PCB design it's common practice to avoid sharp 90 degree traces and opt for multiple 45 degree turns.
    Don't hurt your electrons,
    Straighten your cables 😂

    But seriously, with strong transmission protocols like Ethernet and with the modern cables we use I doubt it makes any noticeable difference. Unless yeah you di damage the cable
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    Well it is true, some weight has to change if you out more information in the phone.
    But I wouldn't have guessed you friend could tell.

    Maybe zhe has superpowers.
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    Holy SHIT. I will do that on my dumb friend
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    @BobbyTables wtf people are just goddamn STUPID
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