While not entirely related, I've been looking for new jobs lately and its starting to really fucking annoy me that I see front end requirements in nearly every goddamn backend dev position I come across 🤬

My front end skills are bad and while I do understand its necessity, I don't give a single fuck about it personally.

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    Question for company: What percentage of front end work do you expect? It might be small, but they don't want someone that is not able.
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    @Demolishun While I understand that, I just can't do it and that's why I'm looking for BACKEND positions 😐
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    Also from the Netherlands. You don't want to know how many times I had to use CSS while my job description clearly states that I'm a back-end web developer
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    Don't get me fucking started on devOps requirements for front end folks. At least when it's disclosed up front you can decided whether it's in your wheelhouse before you pursue the gig. This last role it was like "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER! AUTOMATE YOUR BUILDS WITH AZURE CLOUD FUNCTIONS OR PERISH!"

    How long before we all collectively call bullshit? When job descriptions call for a designer full stack machine learning cloud engineer?
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    @jbar Welcome to devRant!
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    @cfood Thanks playa!
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    I'm not a front end developer but I write simple HTML, CSS, bootstrap for project in Django. I'm not database administrator but I do what's necessary to keep DB alive. I'm not Linux admin but I had to setup environment for application. I'm not a docker guy but I build and deploy in open shift. I wasn't open shift guy but I had to be. I'm not a scrum Master but my team needed one so I became one. Should I continue?
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    @PaszaVonPomiot what you do for machine learning?
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    This might be a very unpopular thing to say, but most devs are highly curious, wilful beings who are likely to throw themselves into things they are highly unprepared to do. In combination with the problems with recruitment, management and the like, I think we too are playing a hand in this inflationary process...
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    I don't know machine learning. What I'm trying to say is that being developer is not about what you can do but what you will do when there's something you don't know how to do
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    Full stack is standard these days... Pretty much describes my team. Everyone does everything....

    I'm lucky I guess since I'm used to doing it anyway from my own projects when I grew up (sorta feel I lost the drive now, haven't done any new projects in a while or bothered learning any new languages) but yes switching from front to back and Java, JS, bash scripting is always a pain....
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    And I think nowadays the implied requirement which they never outright state.... Is that you have to be good at picking new things up. And there are different skill levels for that...

    U can pick things up the shitty way like a copy-paste script kiddie... Or go a step further and produce readable, maintainable code by understanding what you're working with.

    I just tore apart someone in a code review last week. JS syntactically was good but the way he wrote and implemented things were not. And clearly had no idea what kind of data he was working with... or how to figure that out. Using console.log isn't that hard...
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    Maybe there are 2 types of developers.

    People that face a problem and just go o well I tried...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Or people that actually take the time to figure out what the fuck went wrong and how to fix it... Properly
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    I am fullstack dev. I do the whole stack from writing code to making sunny side up and flip burgers in kitchen.
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    Employers getting cheap, get more pay less, as usual.
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    Who wants half of anything when peeps are giving away full

    Programmers need to rise up and stop the bullshit.

    Too many introverts not standing up to bully extraverts and now paying the price in low wages and lots of overtime.
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    @rant1ng 1000% fucking this
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    @PaszaVonPomiot Well yeah I kinda agree but I hate front end and am terrible at it. If an employer would force me into frontend, they'd have my resignation by the end of the day.

    I'm a backender, Linux engineer and security guy.
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    Everyone on here has been telling me, in one way or another, to make myself a safely commercial entity.

    Sounds like you already now how you would do. Question is, is the narrative bigger than you? Thats how I have felt recently.
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    @rickh I have no clue what you mean 😬
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