Social media censorship is such a fucked up shithole of bullshit.

Ig thot models post their asses and tits on there about twice a week and it's not a big problem at all. Just turn a blind eye to that.

But God forbid you post something that is vaguely mean or anything political that isn't center to left, and that bitch is getting deleted for bullying or harassment.

I commented on this post and basically just said "your mom sounds like a bitch" but that got deleted for harassment. Is that really what harassment is? Well holy fuck I harass my friends like a few dozen times a day so I should probably get arrested.

Gotta love having speech censored under the umbrella of "pReVeNtiNg BuLlYiNg".

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    @root you might like this one.
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    His mom does sound like a bitch
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    @Stuxnet stop being a bitch. /reeee

    I knew there's a reason I stopped with social media for the most part.
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    God forbid you hurt the feelings of someone on the interwebz!
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    @Hazarth that's worse than murdering someone!!
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    @Stuxnet you've attacked the degenerate core of twitter, that have queendom and similar lingo and you expected something out of it? stupid move.
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    @JoshBent it's funny cuz my comment for a few thousand likes before being deleted
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    @norman70688 XD I'm a man. I'm incapable... Back to eating pizza.
    Thanks mom!
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    So sexism is fine now. Got it.

    @Stuxnet You know me too well.
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    @Root Aslong as it's against the right people everything goes with SJWs
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    @Root well I'm the root of their problems, so it makes sense.
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    Wow you sound like a bitch
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    The beautifully free and open internet of our youth is dead and gone, replaced by this dystopic bullshit.
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    Lmao forget ig, there's literal porn on Twitter, and they still ban you for calling someone the wrong word (if you're the wrong skin color or sexuality).
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    @Nanos nah see that means you ask for two separate checks and tell her good luck 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @electrineer I am.

    It's my biggest personality traits 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @Root ah fuck I completely missed the pun I just made lmao
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    @Stuxnet I didn't haha
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    I steer clear of the “main” social media sites. It’s an unpleasant shit show of a circus.
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    you spend way too much time on the iq diminishing cesspool instagram is.

    and to make matters worse, you occasionally relay their content here, diminishing everyone's iq here as well.

    even if that shitshow is unfair when censoring, complaning about it is like saying you went to a KKK event and no one wanted to refer to you with the right pronoun.

    it was never a meaningful free-spech centric platform
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