In networking class today:

Student - "But this is just in theory, how does it work in practice?"

Lecturer - "In theory, theory and practice are the same thing."

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    Wait, what?!
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    I mean in theory, theory works like theory.
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    Perhaps a professor that has never had a job outside teaching? Or a nicely sarcastic one.
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    Practice is theory and tomato’s are potatoes.
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    Uhm... Yea that's something people say, but only in a sarcastic joking manner:

    In theory, theory and practice are the same thing, but in practice...

    It's a joke! He doesn't actually think that does he?!?!!
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    Well, if this wasn't a joke, hopefully they aren't in charge of building any bridges... Where I live, a university-led bridge project collapsed despite having their architecture department & professors working with the builders & contractors if I recall correctly. It's top program nationwide and it still collapsed and killed multiple people.... one professional/industry architect said this about the project:

    "we should never let engineers design anything you can see."

    Hope things get better for you in other classes and you can get some practice in a much safer way :)
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    What's the difference between theory and practice?
    In theory there is none. In practice it's gigantic. //roughly translated, sounds more cool in slovenian though..
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    In theory we are walking meatballs.
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    @vane i agree with this 100%
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    I'm reminded of several projects here, from cars, buildings and wind turbines.

    Leaving a trail of havoc from collapsed roof's in new buildings because no one was bothered to design for snow-loading, to too tall cars that blew over when it was windy, to wind turbines that the weak top snapped off when it was, windy..

    Actually there was also wind turbines that the blades had to be strengthened since they bent in the wind.

    Who knew that would happen !
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    @AliceLiddell sounds like a lack of engineers. Architects are not engineers.
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    It's possible the professor thought the student was being ridiculous and gave a silly answer.
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    "theory and practice are the same in theory but totally different in practise" - GM Ben Finegold
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    @dontPanic The best chess teacher if you want to learn one-liners and maybe some chess as well.
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    By that theory, 60 percent of the time it works, everytime
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    Theoretically your teacher was correct.
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