Just searched for an e-mail in Outlook on my work computer, and expected the last e-mail I had sent to be at the top of the results list. But it wasn't there…

Then I saw that above the dates in the results list, Outlook now has a category 'Top Results'. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NOW? FACEBOOK OR SOMETHING?


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    God, I can't wait until this fucking pseudo-AI trend is dead. Everything is claimed AI but nothing is close to intelligent.
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    Sorry, I am laughing at how silly we are getting with technology. That is definitely a feature I could live without. Hahahahahaha!
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    I'm really glad I use Evolution as my e-mail client for Exchange/ActiveDirectory. It's UI is so much better than modern Outlook, which use to be good but is now total fucking garbage.
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    Oh fuck outlook is doing weird shit. For some reason there was an option that says “new messages on bottom” instead of the usual new messages on top. And that option was checked an am like what the fuck. I’m not even sure if am hallucinating fucking outlook piece of shit holy fuckballs
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    Yes, Outlook is an overblown piece of crap. It shows you the weather and other stuff nobody needs, and it lacks good e-mail support.

    With Office 2016 the search is completely useless, it finds everything but not what you search.

    In the next version I expect a "Vote for this mail" button
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    "In the next version I expect a "Vote for this mail" button"

    Phrases like this are why they legit invented the response "don't give them any ideas."

    So horrible they'll think it's good.

    But it's just horrible.

    And then we'll be stuck with it.

    Because of you.
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    @Wisecrack No worries, Microsofties don't read here. But if they implement it, then this one is on me.
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    I just have a word for that: Microsoft
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    the NSA monitors skype. Skype is owned by microsoft. The NSA monitors the whole web. Ergo the NSA monitors mentions of microsoft.

    It's too late, we're DOOMED! We'll be driven under ground for a million billion years.

    Unlike some of you, I prepared and bought three melons for long term food.
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