Once upon a time I worked for a startup in school as one of two developers.

I learned many technologies in this role. I built massive front end systems, debugged back end systems. They even gave me a little section on their site that was all about me and giving me credit for me work. The only actual employee was the "CEO, owner, and designer". A team of three in total.

Inevitably the company went under but the site remains. A skeleton of a dead dream. The CEO took my name and info off their website and took credit for all the work I put months into. I was never paid, never giving any recognition whatsoever for the work I did.

I'm not looking for an award or anything like that, but like bro?!?? I built your companies interface for free and you throw me out like trash.

Wtf is being a developer?!?

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    Been burned like that before too. Done massive amounts of work for no compensation and out of the goodness of my heart. I hate that for you. Try not to let that get you down. In that process you gained tons of knowledge and expertise that can never be taken away from you.
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    @HeyTechiesChris hell yeah man it doesn't bother me at all. They didn't teach me anything but they gave me things they wanted me to build and I had to learn to get them done. All in all a good experience just because I got to learn a lot on my own.
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    Same exact story 😟
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    @Etrunon I feel for ya friend. It's not easy out there.
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