I can never read this date properly

Is this 7th april
Or is this 4th july????

Fuck your american date format

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    9th of November never forget
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    Why anyone would ever use anything other than ISO 8601 for numerical representations is beyond me...
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    That's is year 7. Apri 2018 so kinda too many days but whatever
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    Seriously, fuck this
    Especially if you have to deal with American companies/universities, it's fucking annoying
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    What'as even more fun is that some countries would read this as Jul 4th and some would read it as Apr 7th :)

    and I think I've seen a yy/mm/dd format somewhere, so that'd be 2004-Jul-2018th 😁

    boy is this annoying...
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    Why don't Americans use dd/mm/yyyy format?
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    And why do Americans not use the metric system?
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    DMY or YMD is fine for me. MDY is just stupid
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    Reminds me of this handy chart...
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    Or this one (slightly adapted to not cast shade on Canada and South America)
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    Stop being plebs

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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- because it's pronounced July forth, two thousand eighteen.

    That being said I support ISO format. But ours certainly does make sense.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- a unit system based on high factorability and high radix economy of those factors makes mental math considerably easier. Amusingly our system is more mathematically advanced than "I got ten fingers".
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    @pk76 usual representations would "say" it as "July four, two thousand eighteen" basically just reading aloud, disregarding the ordinality of day number — the proper way would still be "Fourth of July, two thousand and eighteen"
    This supports denoting USA speak as "English, simplified"

    A unit system "based on high factorability and high radix economy of those factors" makes the system considerably more complex, not more advanced...
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    @Flygger I'm an American getting lectured about how language is over here by a non-American. Oh boy. No dude, it's definately normal to use ordinal days. And the "proper" way you speak of is British English.

    As for your "rebuttal" of the mathematical basis, you clearly don't know what those terms mean or you wouldn't be saying it adds complexity, because higher values for each of those decreases effort of calculations, and have nothing to do with complexity.
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    I'm a brit living in the US and I think both dmy and mdy is stupid.

    YYYYMMDD, I have no patience for anything else. It naturally sorts the easiest.
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    You do all realise that it is the 18th of October 2019 today don't you?
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    Is this another one of those "I'm shocked that people talk different in different places" threads with the bonus that we all pretend Americans are the only ones putting month left of date?

    But yeah, YYYYMMDD for life.
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    Kazakhstan are the real villians here.

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    @wafflesauce It seems to be a more generalized "our system makes sense to us and therefore all other systems are nonsensical, even if I pretend to try to understand them" thread.
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    @Flygger You crossing out american and writing USA made my day. I hate that they call themselves like the entire fuxking continent.
    Cheers from South America.
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    It's obviously the 2018th day of april on year 7. Dude,just make an effort
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    @OneOfSimpleMind it's the "United States" within the region of "The Americas".

    That's how this language works, not the other way around as you're implying.
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    @pk76 If you insist in calling yourselves "americans" you should append a "usa::" namespace so as to not provoke conflicts with the "americans" declaration in the global namespace. 😘
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    @OneOfSimpleMind prior to that we referred to ourselves by the state we were from, but y'all had issue with that too.
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    We don't use the metric in places where there are TRILLIONS of dollars of infrastructure involved. Think pipe in ground, rails, etc.
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    @pk76 "Old English" or die biotch! ;-)
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    @netikras I use yy-mm-dd for file names as it automatically sorts it correctly by date.
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    @Demolishun hwæt nealles?
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Because being different to the UK is their pride point
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    2019-05-08 like a true connoisseur.
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    @stonestorm I have a negative point about the UK though.

    Why is the UK and the countries they have controlled still using the ⏫⏬ system?
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Or, even better, YYYY/MM/DD - but DD/MM/YYYY would be progress too.
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    Come to the future

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    Ask the rest of the world the same question, USA isn’t the only country that uses their own time/date format :P

    Ghana uses all 3, yyyy/mm/dd, dd/mm/yyyy, and m/d/yyyy.

    Hate it when people bitch about the time and day formats used in my country where others are using all 3 and then some😊
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- the US is actually metric. They use metric system to convert to imperial. https://youtu.be/SmSJXC6_qQ8

    Imperial was based in the foot of the King of England but now they use metric weights, etc to adjust imperial. It's even more retarded than you thought 😁️
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    Born in the US, lived overseas for 2 years and I STILL have trouble with dates.

    ISO 8601 please!
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    Now i always writes month in short
    Nov, dec, jan ...
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    Several years ago this became a rather big issue for my company.

    We used the d/m/y for our SaaS. Everything was working smoothly, until one day a client from the US complained that their service had been suspended prematurely.

    It took us a while go realize that the entire confusion was because of how the client was reading the dates.
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    I hate dates, including ISO 8601. Browser JavaScript still does variants on the ISO with the timezone formatting or milli/micro seconds πŸ˜”
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