What's up with the supporter badge?

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    @electrineer It's a bit like: "You can sit in this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master."
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    Commenters with no avatar are busted too
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    Supporter badge and profile picture.
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    Tried clearing the app cache yet?
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    It's been doing it since I updated yesterday
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    @Stuxnet why does that have the gif badge?
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    @electrineer i was gonna say it's the way it's cropped but that's not it. So I dunno
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    What's with the (++) and (--) buttons randomly changing from white to black when tapping somewhere on the ui?

    The app is significantly faster though; total props there!
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    No avatar issue has been around for a hot minute now, honestly thought that was the default avatar when users didn’t create their own lol
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    @Root I don't see that but the digit between them is red when you post a comment and if you slowly tap a post twice
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    Thanks I’m looking into this, very weird. Seems to be some conflict with the listview somewhere with the new sdk
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    @dfox Something being passed by reference instead of value?
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    @kescherRant The app is literally written in JavaScript and even if it was native it would be written in Java neither languages have any concept of reference VS value.
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    These UI display issues should be fixed in the new version we just released ( Please let me know if you notice anything else.
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    @dfox the thing with empty avatar happens in notifications. See how @jhotaku's avatar changes as the tab is switched. The avatar becomes the last one shown on the previous view.
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    @dfox the gif badge in images is contagious. You can see it in @Stuxnet's comment on this rant. Also you can see it in my profile if you scroll through my rants. It only seems to happen if there's an actual gif nearby.

    I recorded this gif in @pewpewseto's profile. See as the second rant shows up as a gif only after scrolling past it.
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