This is not facebook, but somehow yhis site has attracted who are virtually, mentally incapable of differentiating between their script kiddy hacker facebook group and anything that can be called a social media platform.

Sorting by recent and daring to toggle on jokes/memes is a pure shitshow of freshly created accounts who post "memes" of the same purity as their mother. And to finish it off they add that super relatable comment "hahah", "funny" and a couple of emojis. Totally makes me wonder if I end up being called comedy god for posting "peepee poopoo" on the site they "shared" it from.
Yes, shared and not stolen for the sake of that little dopamine rush when they see that 4 other people who try to escape their shitty form of reality thought you deserve to be proud for those couple of finger movements you used to put this on devrant and not to jack off.

Not even that spares you from their awful humor, because thanks to their disability to red, they think they can just smash that big red button and post their garbage in the wrong category, yet somehow they have the obligation to add an absurd amount of tags telling you that they've tried to post a joke and I honestly feel sorry for the database table who has to store so variations of "jokes/meme" for this shit.

Thr quality of these memes degrades with each time I open devrant, just like my patience for these shitposters.

I've seen a couple of people who cancled their monthly subscription for devrant, to show their discontent with these user and my urge to do the same has gotten stronger recently.

DevRant as it is right now is on it best way to stray away further from what it meant to be every day

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    I've said it often, but I'll say it again: shitheads who already fail at a simple multiple choice thing like categories are incapable of EVER being devs because they are too fucking stupid.

    What also has become annoying is those psycho fuckers who prefer to pester others over either seeking professional therapy or hanging themselves as not to bother the rest of the world.
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    Sorry, do you propose a personality test in order to enter the site or something? How do you propose solving stupid people?
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    @AlgoRythm We put those stupid people in a room and tell them that the last one alive will have free stickers.
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    I almost feel it's par for the course. When I first discovered devRant it was this tiny obscure pocket of devs sharing dev things, but as with anything it starts to water out once more people join. You see it every time in discussion forums for a piece of software or game before it releases where it turns into facebook or steam forums.

    You can't really do anything about it since it's such an inherent course of events. I'm not into the idea of trying to keep it a secret cool club, but I definitely don't browse this site like I used to. You can brainstorm features and incentives to up the quality of the content, but that's still features that need to be implemented by people who can't afford the time.
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    @AlgoRythm No need for personality tests. Just automatically sort every new post containing emoji into the joke category. Should solve a lot of problems and keep the rest cleaner.
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    @deadlyRants "....and then this MOTHERFUCKER took the unit tests I made and just fucking REMOVED THEM just because he didn't understand them!!!! 🤬😠"



    "Why can't java programmir need glasses? Becis he donest see shaeep!!!!!! Hahahaha!!"


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    There is so much effort in developing ki we just could train one to detect the quality and the jokes.?
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    Hey bro. You know you don’t have to use apps like this right? Remove it from your phone. Or just throw that phone away.

    You are kind of being a moodbreaking-pissdrinking-sour mofo here aren’t you?

    Keep up the good spirit!
    Think positive.
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    @bad-practice Have you by chance never read the name of this app? If you think ranting is a problem you could follow your own advice.

    Honestly I like memes and jokes but people can get them from basically any other website too. No need to repost the same stuff in every corner of the internet.
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    @deadlyRants hey, let me rant about a ranter you memeloving p-p-person
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    You can't fix stupid.
    But you can fix stupid people before they make more stupid people!
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    @Root I'm not sure if I should take this advice in an inspirational way or a genocidal way
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