I believe it happens to everyone ☺☺

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    More than i with or am willing to admit ;-)
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    Meh, they might be running the same under the hood and my 30 lines are probably more readable. (Keep convincing self)
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    Me: perfectly balanced 10 lines of code function.

    After conforming to our team's code guidelines:

    /// function name
    /// it does this and that
    /// it has these params
    /// it throws these exceptions when if this and that
    /// it returns this
    public void SomeTrivialShit() {
    Assert param not null
    Assert param4 not null

    The actual code
    Catch ex1, log to some service
    Catch ex5, log to some service

    150 lines of code 😣
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    To feel better, I count LinQ lines as 1 !
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    @NoToJavaScript it's one statement. Of course its just one line. A long single line. 😏
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    @Lensflare I agree ! One line
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