-- How I feel at work lately, in terms my wife understands --

Me: There's a gas leak, we need to fix it.

Manager: Yeah, use some duct tape, here's a roll.

Me: That's not how we fix a problem like this.

Manager: Will it work to solve the problem?

Me: Only temporarily

Manager: Ask your co-worker if you need help using duct tape, he's used it before. When will it be fixed?

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    👏 bravo
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    The good ol' "permanent temporary solution". Thing is, there's so much turnover nowadays, your manager might not even be there when it'll break.
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    I feel this so much.
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    // Temporary fix, added 2006-11-14
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    Let that snow ball roll!!!
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    I feel like nowadays devs change their company on every other completed pruoject, people don't care much because they won't be there if any issues arise.
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    Sometime it feels like receiving a chewed up gum instead of a roll of duct tape
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    My situation:

    Development: Sir, we have a major gas leak.

    Manager: What gas leak? I don’t smell anything.

    Development: Sir, we really need to fix it. If anyone goes out for a smoke now..

    Manager: i don’t hear a gasleak either. What are you talking about?

    Development: Sir, this leak will blow up the building soon. Do you remember last year when this happened at the neighbours and we tried to warn them?

    Manager: i’m hungry, let’s make some lunch!
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    @DBX12 holy fuck I feel that comment
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    This deserves to be on xkcd
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    @GetToTheChopper Do you know Munroe's email?
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    @kalex @kkdev Sound familiar??
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    Feels so damn relatable
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