You developed a completly free and open source app that was designed to do A, and it does exactly what it should.

Review from an user (2 stars out of 5):
"I tried it and it just does A, I would prefer it did B.
Thank you, but I will look for a better option. Keep working, you have a lot of potential."


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    So, this can opener works like a dream right, but I really wish it could also make pizza. 2/5 wouldn’t recommend
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    Now make a paid version of app that does A and B.
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    That's actually useful feedback, depending on A and B.

    "I like how handy this mobile phone is at making calls, but I would prefer it also took photos."
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    @electrineer It's not like that.
    It's a complaint about the fact it does A instead of B.

    So it's more like:
    "I don't like this landline phone because you can make calls… I wanted to take selfies with it".
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    @JS96 companies pay for feedback like that
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    That’s good feedback. User told you what he wants instead of writing that it just do A and he don’t like it.
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    @vane he shouldn't search an app to do A if he doesn't need it.
    So it's not an useful feedback, he's asking to make something completly different.
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    @JS96 still better then 2 stars without comment.
    Any comment is better then no comment.
    Just compare it to how much actions it takes to write few words compared to click I don’t like it or uninstall app without doing anything.

    People are lazy ignorant bastards, at least I am.
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    @JS96 Well now I want to know these 2 elusive features. What is it you don't want to do?
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    @vane people take off time to troll and freebase as well. Some comments are a waste of time and a bunch of negative energies that you'd rather the user just uninstalls the app and leaves no comment behind.
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    1 can be troll
    2 coincidence
    3 is demand

    still better 1 then 0
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    @vane if 1 is a waste of my time, I'd take 0.
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    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”
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    Best solution is to ask folk beforehand, what they want !

    Or don't want..
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    dev: What do you want?

    user: <this>

    dev: <writes this and puts on app store>

    user: You stole my idea!
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