Whoever's the fucker that want my pictures over in DMs in Discord please stop asking for it or I swear a big tiddy onee-san will ara ara you in bed, and that won't be me

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    There are plenty of pictures online. Give them a link to some.
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    I'm in the other side, I receive pictures in discord DM that I definitely not want to see.
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    The neck beards be thick this time of year.
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    @sodaTab no shit man
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    Time to get stabby. Or you know, steal my method: they ask for pics, I send them one of the many dick pics from my collection, gathered by other horny boys that thought I'd be impressed. Usually shuts em up.
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    Not gonna lie, that painted a picture of you... right up until the end. Now I don't know what to think.
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    @C0D4 Do the same thing I do: stop thinking.

    @Elyz @caramelCase Isn't there an option to prevent receiving PMs from random people in Discord? That light solve part of the issue
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    @Jilano most of the randos I like to talk to. It's only when it gets sexual I am like "nah"
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    @Elyz Fair enough! Not sure, then, sorry

    I doubt they would be considerate enough to use the spoiler tag, haha
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    @Jilano well if they send unsolicited pics I take it as them wanting critique. Like if someone sent me a Pic of some painting they did. So I mean.. I tend to just tell them what I think and watch their confidence crumble.
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    Never receive any. Neither send to anyone. 💀
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    That's low, why do people do this... Is it so hard to behave like a normal human being? Perverts...
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    Omae wa mou shindeiru
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    @Elyz That's a good way to solve that problem indeed. "They shall be judged by the council of the D."
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    We have a discord?
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    That threat would definitely be a good time for many.
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    @Puroguramingu one for me as well. Hold the onion
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    I dont think that will discourage them... might have a opposite result.
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