Non technical bosses managing technical people should never be allowed. It'd be like if the head chef at a restaurant only knew how to cook Lean Cuisine, but bossed around all the other chefs on how they should do their job.

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    You are both correct.
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    I'm with @Root on this one.

    Non tech managers with the right processors and leadership and people skills can cross into the tech world and still get things done.

    Non tech managers who are focused only on the $$$$ - well I've done that, it doesn't end well.

    Now the same goes the other way, not all tech minded people are suitable for management or leadership as they are to closed minded to the job at hand rather then the bigger picture and lack the people skills.

    But get the right person for the position and things go smoothly.
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    Agree with @C0D4 on this one. It depends on the person. Non tech managers have done really well and tech managers have fucked up. And vice versa. It really comes down to the person and generalization amounts to little more than prejudice.
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