Not mine :(
But found it relatable 😂

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    Reminds me of that family guy cutaway
    Dad: you a doctor yet
    Son: dad, I'm 13
    Dad: talk to me when you doctor! 😅

    Also welcome to devrant :)
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    In future please post under joke/meme category not the rant one.
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    @zankar 😂😂 btw thanks:)
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    @nibor oh okay! I'll take care next time 😄
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    CSS makes being doctor more profitable.. because it makes people sick..
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    @Coffe2Code 😂😂so true..!! Lol
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    Senior developer salaries in my city are currently higher than Doctor salaries.

    So if it's about financials, Dad's should really ask: "Did you learn SQL yet?"

    To which the kid will most likely respond: "Daaaaad, I'm 5, and I wanna be a minecraft mod developer!"
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    @bittersweet 😂😂lol!
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    Welcome OP and nothing personal at all but sometimes I really wonder how new devranters miss the joke/meme category when posting jokes/memes for the first time(s) 😅
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