Bug? Or is 0 upvotes really bad now?

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    It's a scandal to have 0 upvotes

    Which is why I give you mine :)
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    @alexbrooklyn but how can you get an upvote.on a comment that didn't exist 1ms ago.

    Or is it becoming like Reddit where u AutoUpvote your own posts....
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    I think a bug, I saw it yesterday after I ++ a comment above mine
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    There are so many ui bugs lately. A lot of ppl are fake supporters, people with no avatar steal other ppls avatars, black ++ buttons etc
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    Maybe the upvotes are stored in floating-point and -2^-1074 is rounded to -0.
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    @dfox and/or @trogus broke the UI on Android.

    Sometimes, it's better to be on iOS 😏
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    Yeah, three's been quite a lot of issues with the vote buttons lately https://devrant.com/rants/2300720/...
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    They added many features like this a month ago and fixed some of them. Sometimes the number turns red when double tapping a comment but the ++ only goes through after the third tap.
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    I don't get upset about upvotes/downvotes.

    In fact seeing someone has reacted like that when I click notifications barely moves the needle for me.

    I fucking LOVE reading peoples comments though. Always disappointing when all I see is "xyz upvoted your post/comment!"

    Woopy doo!

    Much adieu about nothing.

    But a comment? A comment is like touching live fire, like grasping lightening if only to look into someones mind and connect for a paragraph or too.

    Eyes are the windows to the soul, but words are the door into others lives, a piece of us. And wherever our words are, there we are in part too.

    Thats why my favorite word is "FUCK".
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    @Wisecrack I think you missed the point
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