So I just found out that another company is launching the same app/website idea as mine...*sigh*
This is not how I was planning on starting my week.

I suppose I need wait and see what they have and improve my app to be better.

Hello devRant, it's good to be back. I hope everyone has a good week.

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    Isn't it better to be first?
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    @Codex404 I suppose so because I can see what they have and implement better features and functionality than theirs 🤷‍♂
    What are your thoughts on it?
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    There is also a thing called “fast follower” where you leave the heavy lifting on the pioneers, learn from their mistakes and successes and make the product better. This way it will cost you less to triage markets and improve the product based on demand and user needs.
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    @PappyHans most people stay on the platform they started on. Look at thingiverse and myminifactory.
    One of them is a fucking slow as shit system with shitty search and the other is quite decent in all ways. Far from perfect but it works consistently. Still people stay at thingiverse because they know it.
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    Every time I think I had a unique idea I do a quick search and find someone is: doing it, tried it and it died, and very rarely I cannot find anything in the market. If it is the last thing I do patent searches and often times its a tried but died thing. If its new just go for it. Learn from competitors.

    I don't think there are very many unique ideas, just variations on what we know it seems.
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    It is extremely unicorn-level rare to have a legitimately unique idea. The probability that you are the only person on the planet to have thought of it and to attempt to execute it is so unbelievably low. A much better strategy that doesn't get you depressed is to accept this at the beginning, do your research, and do it better.
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