I just installed Linux mint. I'm loving it. I always used Windows. Which packages should I install or what should I do with it that Windows or other OS can't do?

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    Loved my mint too. until I got my ryzen cpu and everything went downhill. Windows user since May
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    Photoshop... oh wait
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    @JhonDoe I got it on an old hp and I love it. Really fun and easy to customize
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    @shoop why should I stay away from it? ;p
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    The strongest part of Linux is customization. You can change almost anything, if you know what you are doing.

    The terminal is also a strong part of it. Zsh + oh-my-zsh is incredible usefull if you use it too much.

    About vim, Emacs or nano, do not just discard them. I used to love nano until I learn Vim, now I want to use its keybinds everywhere.

    Take your time using it, try to find things that might interest you and keep learning. :)

    Just as in Windows or Mac, you will have a lot of good and bad surprises.
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    @shoop I already know some basic vi but true in the beginning it is hard sometimes :)
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    Install Docker in Linux. Docker4Win is an abomination. Btw went to Mint about 6 month ago. Will never go back. VS Code as IDE is all you need.
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    Some stuff I use on my uBuNtU mAtE (sorry Arch, I got nvidia graphics and I want my system stable)

    - VS Code

    - Virtual Box (kali and win10, with iommu enabled- works like a charm:)

    - the fuck (!)

    - tmux (!)

    - (specific utilities) binwalk, binutils, iptables or ufw

    - Redshift (!)

    - Flameshot (!)

    - Insomnia Rest Client

    - Sqlworkbench (not the mysql one), sqlite browser

    - Telegram, Discord, Steam, Spotify (need to disconnect before starting, their nix binary is bugged)

    - MultiMC :)
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    @M1sf3t as far as I remember, it is like the old Wordstar: Ctrl + K, Q etc.

    I use the "jk" mapped to ESC, but I liked this idea to use caps lock!
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    @shoop sorry bit you're wrong, to backspace in vim you just have to press backspace
    As long as you're in insert mode
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    Check out mint's desklet and applet. Few of them are useful or cool to have.
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    @M1sf3t Well, my hands are very small, so using the pinky fingers to hold Ctrl is not very comfortable as well. But mostly, Ctrl shortcuts asks us to move our hands from a comfortable position into a weird one, just to press a key combination and the other programs do not have all the cool stuff as removing the entire text between tags at once.
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    Personally a big fan of Terminator and Shutter!
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    @shoop nano is very basic bro. Just see how customisable vim is!
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