Isn't it weird that the name James is not Jame but James? Because I would assume James would be the plural of Jame because what if there are two people with the name James in the room... Would we say
"There are two Jameses/James's/ jamessis"...
Also if it's James's wouldnt that be for nouns etc like James's bag....
Sorry this has been bothering me for two days.
I asked this in office and people thought I had lost the plot so I AM AWARE IM CRAZY.

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    Have you been smoking javascript again?
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    Ask a Jame
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    "There are two people with the name James", simple!
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    Names dont have plurals. Its grammatically incorrect
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    But isn't it Jame :(
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    I would imagine the reason dates back to when people started using names ending in -son and that was left over from it.
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    I have a feeling you have way to much free time on your hands, or you're dealer is selling you the wrong stuff.

    James, Jones, Chris and Moses are singular nouns that somehow ended in an S - blame some ancient guy who decided this was to be a thing.

    Now singular nouns ending in an S are then sort to have "es" or ' or even 's added to the end to pluralise them.
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    Most names are older than the English language and its rules for forming plurals or possessives. Don't try to find any logic in either.
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    @C0D4 some greek dude mostly.
    At least for those hebrew names, that you'll now find w/ or without S
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    It's James' bag.
    This rule was literally made for this purpose and this purpose only.
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