I am not a php dev and I have nearly 0 knowledge of php. All I know about php is that xampp is your friend and you have to write that $ everywhere. But that one day I had to setup phpLDAPadmin on apache2.
I have nothing against php, but I just don't want to have anything in common, since I'm just perfectly fine with my java.
So I had to make it work. Fought my way through different incompatible versions of php and phpldapadmin only to see "not found" on phpldapadmin.
I thought, like, wtf?? Especially when index.php of apache2 is displaying just fine? I mean, I can "edit" some php code, but configs and php setups are just something like out of my world. Tried setuping it on different vms - same result. I've buried way too many hours into this with no result. Finally I gave up and contacted a friend of mine which is like php god for me. He did same thing as I did in ~ 10 mins, but the result was the same. Tweaked some configs - same. Scratched his head, sat for 5 more minutes, did something and boom - it works!
I've asked him, what is that php magic and the answer killed me:
"Index.html was missing"

At that moment I just wanted to exit through the window. Sadly, there were no way to open it.

Yes, I am this stupid in php. But I still miss all these wasted hours...

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    PHP LDAP there's something I don't miss, I enjoyed ripping that out of a project.

    Kudos to getting it to work though with the lack of experience 👍
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    I know how do you feel because I was a C++ developer in 2004 where the internet on my country wasn't strong and when the internet comes I decide to work with PHP in that age only PHP and ASP was the option, and ASP is a fucking ugly.

    When I saw the PHP for the first time I got the same reaction and etc, now I'm PHP lover and also contributor and one working in a bank in my country I found myself in a situation where I have to work with Java, it was the most painful months of my life, unfortunately, I didn't fit to Java and for me this is was a surprise since I came from C++ background and for me should "easy" to adapt.
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