Can we stop using screenshots of code in articles on medium and everywhere else? Thank you!

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    @C0D4 Gist, codesandbox... There are ways to get highlighting. It's a shame that a page with so much code on it like Medium don't have own syntax highlighting, but images of text are no good solution.
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    @timop well yea, thesr code sites don't usually work on mobile well... and gist now needs me to drop code in an external location aswell when I'm on my phone.

    Limiting me to post code blocks on a desktop/laptop.
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    @C0D4 i would be happy if they all would just get the damn copy/paste options right on mobile. iVim is a handy little editor once you get used to the directional buttons, but good luck getting what you typed to where you need it on the other site.
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    I say keep doing it and prevent people from copying everything, so they actually put thought into code they write
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    I think is better if you post this in medium and "everywhere else", not here
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    WE certainly could but I'm not sure we can convince EVERYONE else to
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    Can we stop using medium? It's just another reddit. Which is another 4chan. Which is another cancer. Which is another AIDS.
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    @cprn That escalated quickly
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