Intelligent Development class (yeah, that's how it's titled), teacher leaves us as first task to develop our own Database, because later we will make it a fuzzy database.

She gave us three days. Three (counting me) in the team. I began working on Interfaces (Java development) and so on, using GitHub for VCS and documenting each method.

This assholes didn't even ask what was missing or what should they do. One day before date, I told them "Hey, I think I can nail the underlying file management tonight, so, work on the language parser, please"

Stood awake until 1 A.M., waiting for their reply, but there wasn't any.

Next day, I'm the only one of the team and I tried to decline the presentation of my work, but a friend encouraged me, because it was my work and I worked hard.

Presentation went better than expected.

After the class, I have another with one of my team members, he asks "How did you do?", "Us? You meant me, because the other prick didn't go".

And that's all, not another single question nor explaining why did he didn't answered the DM's I sent.

Fuck those guys, fucking team of shit, I hate it when you can't pick your team, but I guess that's just a common place for all of us here, isn't it?

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    No because in the real world if your teammate doesn't pull their weight, they face consequences with their manager.
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    @fatenuller And then you are told to slow down because you are making the rest of the team look bad :-D
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    So it seems either way we're fucked, right? 😋
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