everyone on twitter is like "hey look tetris lol how would that look" but like WHO THE FUCK DIDN'T CHECK THIS

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    Marketing department been doing it wrong for decades!
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    More like who the fuck didn't check which section they posted this to
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    Looks like a 3d-printed "Save" icon!
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    @netikras maybe it's something where you can save your tetris game on?
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    @Codex404 that makes sense! You look smart!

    Just click on that 3d-printed icon and voila - the game is saved!

    Hard times were these.. They had no mouse so all the clicking had to be manual :/
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    @netikras You know what floppy disks and Jesus have in common? Both died and became the icon of saving.
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    This was then later called innovation I think
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    @Fast-Nop except I have physical proof in a draw somewhere floppies existed beyond an icon 😅
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    @C0D4 They claimed the same about Jesus roughly 2000 years ago. ^^
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    @C0D4 lookay here
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    @C0D4 @Fast-Nop DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT JESUS!!!!!!
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    @jesustricks Sorry, floppytricks. :-)
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    Happens when you hire a game developer for embedded systems engineer position.
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    I think marketing did a good job actually it's clear what goes in there now. The iconic identifying part clearly visible.
    Sure they get a lot of support calls form noobs but at least it got sold. Best would be if they photoshopped an icon on there. But hey that is new age
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    That's like canon telling you the pixma 5150 has bluetooth.
    It only has if you buy a bluetooth module plugged into it's usb port.
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    @jesustricks Jesus shits? The things I learn 😂
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    @C0D4 I guess 😂
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    This rant is a disaster
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    @uyouthe i'm a disaster, ofc anything i do is too lol
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    @Parzi I understand absolutely nothing from both the rant and it’s comments section
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    Haha I've actually owned several Brother typemachines, with cartridged daisywheels and ink tape for printing.

    Could do some pretty advanced spreadsheet stuff on it too.

    Also, if you really must own a printer in 2020, Brother is still king. Solid quality, no evil ink price scams.
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    @bittersweet they gave one of those in high school when their tech dept was (rightfully) scared of me.
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    @bittersweet they do make inkjets too
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