Say you'd have a dev apply for a job after only 6 months into his previous job, what would be your thoughts on that?

Would you outright reject the applicant? If not, wwyd?

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    Why would i reject them? They realized that job wasnt for them, it happens. Maybe something personal came up and they had to move or something.
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    If it's one job - shit happens. Might be a question in the interview though, and here's a catch - never rant about a previous employer during a job interview.

    You could mention some mismatch between what the job was supposed to be and how it turned out, or so. Without going into details "because confidentiality" - employers like that.

    If however you have several of these short jobs, then this will likely raise eyebrows as to whether you are employable.
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    @Fast-Nop alright thanks, time to go job hunting on the side
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    What a plot twist!
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    If it's a well known company and you only lasted 6 months... I'd question it.

    If you're cv has a track record of contract positions, 1-6 months per job, then I wouldn't think much of it.

    Depends on how the rest of the cv tells your story really.
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    In my case, I have issues with one person at the company so I'm looking to leave. Cant put up with it anymore and besides. She sacks people pointlessly so here's hoping I can record the sacking 🤞
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    In my case I can't keep up with the travel times, and I'm looking to move quite a distance. Suppose it should be fine.
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