I think we all should just band together and say FU! to all of these software companies and form one gigantic software corporation, steal all of their clients, and make them beg on their knees for us to help them. Not only that, make them go through a series of VERY stressful interviews (to see who deserves our time, of course) in which we simply say....."no" with no explanation. Bwahahahahhahahaha!!!

Wishful thinking.... 🤔

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    aaaaaaaaaaand become a monopoly and do the same shit they do.

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    This post is pretty fuckin stupid ngl to ya chief

    @Parzi exactly.
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    you could form a cooperative if you live in a state that allows for them. Your shit out of luck if that's mississippi. Ironic one of the most "conservative" states in the union favors big business... 🙄

    Your second hurdle will be making sure all collaborators get paid appropriately for their contributions. The larger your projects the more complicated that will be.

    You also have the problem of ensuring all code submitted wasnt copied from previous collaborations and if it was, how to proportion commission appropriately between the original author and the submitter who's looking to at least get a finder's fee.
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    @Parzi Nailed it right on the head.
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    And then you woke up...
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