Root has a deadline

I've been working on this CCPA ticket for awhile. Admittedly too long, but I'm new to the codebase and it's fucking sprawling. There has also been a lot of back-and-forth on the ticket.

Anyway, I've had a few blockers, such as how mailers work, the legal copy, where to put a admin-facing link to the dashboard, how to build the jira integration (and its creds), etc.

Quite awhile ago I asked Mr. Product, "Where should I put the ccpa dashboard link?" To which he responds: "I'll get you the answer today!" Awesome. Except he didn't. That day came and went without a peep. So, the next day I ask again: "Where should I put the ccpa dashboard link?" To which he responds: "I'll get you the answer today!" And that day comes and goes, too. I ask again, and you guessed it: "I'll get you the answer today." Repeat ad nauseam.

I also asked about the Jira integration and credentials. I got about the same treatment as above, but with a tiwst: they tell me to talk to / continue to bug Mr. H instead. Except Mr. H had been on PTO for weeks. Every time I ask, they keep referring me to him. A little over two weeks later (yesterday), I finally got a response from him. Yay! I was preoccupied with finishing the dashboard (which wasn't in the original ticket for some reason) so I didn't get a chance to look into it yet. After asking his boss three times, Mr. Product also finally (!!!) gave me a response on the link placement today, too! Though not directly: he discussed it with said boss in a group chat that I'm a part of, but never tagged me or told me directly. So, now I know where to put it (I think), but I have no idea how that area of the site is built (it's dynamic based on domain, login, and roles), so adding it will still be difficult.

The best part:

Today during standup, some lady I've only rarely seen before attends the meeting, doesn't say anything until the very end, and then announces that everything must be code-complete by tomorrow for release, and then promptly signs off.

For fuck's sake. I've had blockers on this for weeks, and now I need to finish it by fucking tonight?

I still don't know how to build the mailers (because translations and formats), nor how to actually send emails using them. I don't know how to modify the footer (dynamic, complex), how to add the admin-facing link (dynamic, complex), nor how build a Jira integration (haven't even looked yet). I just got unblocked on two of these fucking today. and it needs to be done and code reviewed by tomorrow?

No bloody way.
Maybe I should go back to my previous job. 😡

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    Fuck people. Fuck deadline.
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    The only way people will learn is not to pull an all-nighter now. Let the deadline pass, bamm. Then start the discussion why you never get feedback, and that this has just spoiled the deadline.
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    @Fast-Nop This exactly.

    I already talked with Mr. Product and said I probably won't finish the Jira integration in time. He's fine with maually creating Jira tickets for all of the requests until the next release.

    I might be able to finish the rest, but I'm not sure.
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    Isn't this the same job that the big boss thought you might be a diversity hire? Maybe these other people actually were diversity hires...
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    Root, I’m rooting for you 😉
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    I smell BS in the management. 🤔
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    I doubt you can help me with a codebase you've never seen, @Condor. 😋
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    I think you should just get away from that company and as fast as you can.

    Not only did your rant frequency got really high from the moment you got the job but every single one of them is filled with management BS and unusable coworkers...

    And with this one it might be possible that you will be the one made responsible for it because from what we heard may as well every one of them lie about not helping/reply for you.

    It just really doesn't sound like a fun place to be
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    Who is the lady from the meeting? Is I one of those scrum master type folks or a project manager or somethin?
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    @soulevans07 I've noticed the same, and unfortunately I'm beginning to agree.

    But it pays 41% more than my previous job, and allows me to work from anywhere, whenever. That's enough of an improvement that I'm willing to give it a bit longer; if it improves much, or if our finances improve enough from investing the difference, I'll stay. I can put up with an awful job for awhile if it's my last one 🙂 Probably won't be much fun, though.

    @hatemyjob probably. I don't actually know who she is or what her role is.
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    Stay strong, fuck that 'management' attitude
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    @Root a healthy team doesn't let strangers into standup, for that reason. That shit should have been filtered from you by the product manager, team lead, and/or Scrum Master. Anything other than that is a disgrace to your work. I'm sorry that happened to you.
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    @tits-r-us at this point I'm tempted to assemble an imternational dev-hitman group that would take on jobs to elliminate pesky management personel. might as well call it "avengers" for the hell of it. :D

    I'm sure it would have a lot of clients :D
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    @soulevans07 can i join. My ancestors used to do that waaaaaayyyy back. Lets call it assassins creed much better.
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    Sometimes the universe steps right in front of you like a speeding bus.

    Nothing can be done about it.
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    Right there with you. I'm burning a contract a company from a similar group of clowns. Blocked for 2 months and no end in sight, don't even care anymore. I may or may not have a bloody volleyball for a project manager.

    Definitely bail the first chance you get.
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    Mr. Product sounds like a narcissist, the kind that likes sabotage.

    I'm not joking.

    Dealt with so many of these people I can spot this shit from the horizon.

    Do yourself a favor now, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, every question to him, through text and email. These guys 'forget' things, info you needs gets 'lost', important deadlines and schedules, meetings, you name, it they will conveniently 'forget' or CLAIM they told you, and then act like you're insane or claim "YOU must have forgot."

    Don't fuck around with this. Dude sounds toxic af. Document it because if you don't, you'll be back on here in a month writing "I should have listened to you wisecrack."
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