How to prepare for a technical interview?

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    I went like a lot lately. So just go through the below

    If you are expecting questions from frameworks go through the reason why the framework there in the first place.

    Whenever you feel like "i understood this part. Lets ignore that part. it is not that relevant". Nop. In Italics it is relevant. Go through things you dont know rather than things you know while covering sections.

    Cover stuffs like you are preparing for a meeting and you are presenting it. Means dont let it be a question - answer cliche interview. Take the control and explain everything you answers for a question.

    Never underestimate the worth of an experienced guy. (you)

    If they asked you about a new thing related to your job and you dont know ask them 'what', 'how' before moving to next question.

    Talk from experience rather than learnings.

    Worry only about things you can control
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    Take a shit before
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    No energy drinks that's for sure.
    Well, it depends on the situation.
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    A coffee
    At least half a shot of vodka/rum/whiskey
    And at least ten years of development experience.
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    Or don't. I've taken multiple IQ tests, for some reason I always score 7-8 points higher when I have to shit, true story. And theres some evidence that needing to urinate improves test scores so it's not a stretch of imagination that needing to shit would also. You have a cat's grey matter worth of extra neurons in your gut, that has to do something.

    What I do is take over interviews and ask all the questions so I can explore topics I prefer. Interviewer just takes it as asking questions about the company and it raises likeability which (unfortunately) is as important as competence. People like being asked questions. They like it A LOT. More importantly you want to do ALL the interviewing if at all possible, because you want to know *for sure* if the company is a good fit for you, you're leaving it in *their* hands if you don't take charge.
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