What is next ?

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    Frontend dev here, I thought microservices was the cool new thing.
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    Well, demands don't look the same today as it did in 2014
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    We must build monoliths to solve all the problems with kubernetes.
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    @nibor We must use AI to solve problems with everything - 2020
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    It's time again...
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    I know what ISN'T next: cutting out all the bloated crap to make shit fast and maintainable.
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    I think the "solve all problems" comment is misleading. Those technologies aren't to fix problems, they're to take advantage of the other tech mentioned.

    Now we have microservices we can take advantage of containers if we need to.

    Now we have containers we can take advantage of Kubernetes if we need to.

    It's more evolution than fire fighting.
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    The first comment is wrong. MicroServices are here to help is scale up. Docker is help us deploy anywhere, and kubernetes is here to help us scale up docker.
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    We must learn that there is no one solution despite what trends, communicators and developer society tells us.

    Every project has its best custom mix of solutions, be objective.
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    @Fast-Nop Fuck, there goes my lifegoal...
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    Whats next?

    Probably global state being a 'good thing' again.

    Redux over in the corner: *whistling*
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    @Gregozor2121 If your life goal is next, either you're doing way better than most people or you haven't seriously analyzed how to get there and broken it down properly.
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    Microservices are hard.

    Most (bigger) projects fucked up microservice transitions. And a half baked Mono -/ modular frankenstein isn't pretty.

    Docker. The holy grail. Or big fail. It definitely has advantages, but as much as it solved, it created new problems (Logging, Service Scaling, Networking, Setup, and so on.)...

    Kubernetes trys to solve them.

    All in all. Think and plan carefully your architecture. Resist temptations, be rational and especially think of the consequences before throwing half baked ideas, architecture and the whole project into the mixer for another episode of:

    Will it blend? Or are u hell-bent...
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    @nibor on FreeCodeCamp or so, there was a well read blog post on how "Unified Design" solves all problems with coupled microservices. Guess what, they wrote a monolith.
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    Service Mesh must be next, I am sure.
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    We must adopt a cat 🐈
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    @powerfulparadox Look at Fast-Nop's post, i was joking about that.
    That means i cant create fast and proper apps because he "knows" it wont happen.
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    @Gregozor2121 And I was just nit-picking how you said it, not necessarily taking you seriously.
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