Do you guys feel like your current salary fits your current job and your actual tasks and responsibilities?

I for example feel like my previous job was overpayed for what my actual responsibilities were and that my current job (being the first dev in a fresh start-up) is overwhelmingly underpaid for what amounts to way more and bigger tasks and responsibilities than I had at my previous job. But I'm nonetheless more happy with my current job than I ever were with my previous one.

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    I am not happy with my current job since the environment is terrible.
    But they got me tied by paying me more than that I can find outside, at least where I am now, so that is the very negative point about overpaying..

    But I am really overpaid? don't think so regarding the situation
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    Overpaid compared to others my pay is based off, underpaid compared to the people I work with and the work I do with them.

    I'm straddled between responsibilities and projects, and at the same time in a very unique position based on my actual work because of it.
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    At the moment I'm playing factorio at work because they got nothing for me to do. So yes I feel overpaid.
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    I’m overpaid nationally but when you take into account I spend 50% of my time refactoring shit code and cost of living is high, I’m underpaid. Also I work on a team where I’m 1/10 devs but am only one that understands 40% of the tech stack our team covers (I’m training a Padawan though)
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    Happily overpaid.
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