I am 30.

Just now I see that if I rewrite documentation of things I learn online with my own words (aka taking fucking notes) I learn with 5x quality.

For some reason I didn't do this most of my 20s.

what the fuck am I doing with my life?

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    That's only worth it for big libraries that you use a lot or important framework documentation
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    Hi 30! I'm dad!
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    Growing up?
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    @shoop yeah, I'm not inventing powder here but I guess I was very reluctant to learn on an extensive level because:

    a) I was hung up on my ego and learning made me feel stupid
    b) my time at the university was emotionally hard (mostly because of shit going on in my life) so I guess I associated learning with pain
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    Let's see what you will do when you reach 40. You will most probably be disgusted with what you are doing now and wish you could go back and fix it
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    @netikras Hi Dad, where you been the last 30 years?

    @jesustricks welcome to remembering everything.

    Whiteboards are great accessories to have (even the little one that can sit on your desk)
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    I am 36, what is this life anyway? 😑
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    @C0D4 I went out to buy some milk. Ma' asked me to get some eggs too *while* I was in the store, so...
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    @netikras sounds like something she would have said.

    I too went and bought milk and eggs.
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    pretty sure the only reason im working as a js dev today is because i just copy pasted stuff from peoples source code into JSBin and clicked run a bajillion times. thats like note taking right?
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    Apparently you've been maturing. Good job! ☺️
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    I realized it 4 years ago, hundreds of pages of old notes under my belt now.
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    I felt this deep in my bones
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    laws are documentation on things
    try to rewrite it
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    The thing is, the initial docs have to actually explain the stuff they were written for. If not, you'd be just rearrenging words.
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    @2erXre5 hi 36, I am Wombat.
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