*Teammate writes some instructions for our users and sends it to the rest of the team to review and let her know before she pushes it out

Me: *reads it and lets her know what is missing

Her: Idgaf what any one thinks. If they can’t figure it out, it’s their problem. And if anyone makes changes to it and the users can’t under it either, I’ll tell them to ask whoever made the changes.

Me: *starts cracking up. Like wtf!?!?! You know what, I’m not touching it so if anyone asks I can tell them to reach out to you!

Like, how are you offended because I’m a junior in your team and you can’t take criticism after you’ve personally asked for it? Smh

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    Funny update: she’s not talking to me today. lol wow!!
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    Did you try talking to her? If she still refuses to talk, take the issue to your manager.
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    @electrineer lol bro. I did. I asked her few questions and trying to talk but she has this attitude like don’t talk to me. I could care less.
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    Another update: My application manager and training manager both changed it to what I was talking about and now she shut up feeling stupid trying to thank everyone for looking at it. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Final update: she started talking to me by end of day. Lol. This will be the last time I’ll ever give her feedback. I’ve caught a lot of her errors/mistakes and fixed them without her knowing. I’m just going to leave whatever she touches as they are. I’ve made mistakes too but I always welcome criticism and willing to learn and fix, not getting mad after asking for it.

    Glad to have experienced this with her. Never is she getting any opinions from me. She can go live her life.
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    @suprano if she's childish it doesn't mean you have to be too. Just continue doing your job the best you can.
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    @electrineer oh yes, and that’s what I did today
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