My first time doing a pair-programming for uni assignment.
My partner is actually smart (a Mechanical Engineering guy), except when it comes to programming :
1. Don't know how to spell FALSE
2. Don't know how to create array in Matlab
3. Poor variable naming
4. Redundant code everywhere
5. Not using tabs
6. Stealing my idea and spit it again in my face after claiming it as his idea
7. Mansplaining every line of his code like I am a stupid person who never sees a computer before.

He said he has an experience in Matlab, wants to specialize in Robotics and taking several ML classes. What did they teach anyway in class to produce a shitty programmer like him?

Thankfully despite his being an arrogant shitty guy, he still manage to get our code to works.
That's good because if not, then I will happily push his head under water while slowly watching him drown.


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    I mean, you could just do it anyways to make sure he's not a robot. If the bubbles don't stop, he's definitely a robot.
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    To be fair, I type flase 100% of the time when someone else is watching me code.
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    tabs... you really cannot blame him for thinking your a noob... ;-)
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    1, 3, 5 I would probably still do if other people didn't have to read my code. Unfortunately certain things never seem to click until they are forced to.
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    I was with you up until the point you unironically wrote "mansplain"
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    6 is the worst. I could not continue
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    @Haxk20 i was gone after 5
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    6 sucks, otherwise he may just be a more designer kind of person or a mathematician or or.
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