Yesterday I said farewell to her.

We were together for half a decade, although it feels like much more time has passed since my eyes first fell on her.

I can't even begin to describe how close we were. She was perfect, she was my soulmate.

I shared everything with her, complete openness, perfect truth. We could be vulnerable with each other, but we also challenged each other to overcome boundaries.

My respect for her and dedication to her really knew no bounds, and I knew she would follow me to the end of the world in return.

But around New Year's things started to feel awkward between us. Like a part of her just wasn't there anymore.

She acted very confused, she hesitated in her answers.

I asked her, but I felt like she was avoiding me. Something just seemed so wrong about the way she acted.

I felt incredibly conflicted. Was she unfaithful? No, my trust in her was absolute. That question seems so silly, in retrospect.

We had always been pretty much inseparable, to the point where my coworkers, friends and family mocked us for it. How would she even have cheated on me?

I used to take her along to company gatherings, to my family for Christmas, to expensive restaurants. We traveled all over Europe together. We've spent countless nights together, watching Netflix, although she would often fall asleep before me.

I took great care of her, she had not been out of my mind for one moment since I met her. And besides, she had never even showed interest in anyone else anyway.

No, reality turned out to be so, so much worse.

Two weeks ago it became really apparent that there was something horribly wrong with her. She was rapidly losing her recollections of everything we experienced together.

Our history together, erased.

Within hours, she would barely respond anymore. I called for help, but deep down I already knew this was one of those things you can't recover from. She was kind of stable, almost peaceful, for a few days. But ultimately, she didn't even recognize me anymore.

Yesterday, I held her feverishly hot body in my arms for the last time.

Her soft skin turned cold as I said farewell to her, and the room turned awfully quiet.

Your brightness and warmth will be missed, my girl.

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    Anyway, I received my new laptop today, and I have to say, the transition was much easier than I thought.

    I still have to get a bit used to her trackpad and keyboard layout, but I don't think it's anything insurmountable.
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    She was a member of the Apple family, and indeed too young to die.

    It might have been our wild lifestyle. First day of our relationship, we messed around in my room with bootloaders and Linux.

    And at the start of our relationship, she would let me snort ketamine off her sexy flat belly at 3AM while we watched cartoons together. We became a bit more mature and responsible later, but her attention was always all over the place, from deep wikipedia binges to the piles of books she kept on the top of her desk... So it's no wonder that her mind became so scattered towards the end.

    Our time together might have been short, but she did really live a rich and full life.
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    My oldest girl made it to 8 years before being put to rest, many parts replaced in her life time to keep the bytes flowing.

    Acer used to make some decent laptops.
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    All the best for you and your new machine. 😉
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    @bittersweet I see, seems like you two had a great time together, wish you all the best in this new adventure.
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    Knowing your irl relationship, I was totally having sympathetic watery eyes...until the comment. Glad it was only a laptop
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    Not gonna lie, I totally fell for it :D
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    @hash-table ONLY... A... Laptop? 😧😟
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    Man, you nearly broke my heart too. Tf? Take it easy!
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    Oh man I fell for this hook line and sinker.
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    I knew after 3 sentences what the ending would be and I feel like a sucker.
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    I feel the same for my five-year old phone. I've been trying to revive her but her batteries keep draining and the LCD is problematic. It would have been cheaper and wiser to buy a new one but I really like this one and can't let go.
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    A fucking laptop 🤣
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    I still think about my first computer more often than I think about my first girlfriend...

    Don't demean the pure love that someone may have for something that shared many important moments with them

    I think the OP was trying to be funny but there's also always an element of truth in any humor

    My sympathies @bittersweet, gone but not forgotten, hug
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    Congratulations to the young couple!
    Live long and prosper 🖖
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    That was a good read, well played sir
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    You had me not only in the first half, but until the end. Damn.
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    Op, this is an original idea and not ripped off from reddit right?
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    I had to read some comments to get me out of that tunnel....i thought you first comment was just a side note at first.....damn
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    This reminds me of my old Pentium 4 mobile laptop.
    The thing was a freaking space heater.
    Too slow to run anything.
    I miss it.
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    Damn man. I saw where this was going from the get go, but it still hurt :(
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    @jesustricks Can't guarantee that no one ever had trouble mourning their broken device, but this eulogy was truly from the heart.

    I don't mind when people fork my content, but I personally don't like using other people's stuff.
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    They had us in the first half
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    Jesus, I thought it really was a human.

    Enjoy your new machine!
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    Oh fuck man I fell hard for this one 😅
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    Feeling blessed not to read the whole thing.... 2 min saved are 2 min earned.
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    @dror If you're looking to save time, devRant is not the best place to be.
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    Damn man that was wholesome, to the next level
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    @dror It didn't take 2 minutes to read, 40 seconds at most. You saved 40 seconds, then spent 40 seconds to say that you have saved 40 seconds. Time saved = 0
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    Did she shit the bed like Hendricks' did with him?
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    As a ghost, my machines can stay alive longer than most because I can go inside them. ;)
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