This one's for all the SysAdmins out there.

About 4 years ago I was asked to take over a dental offices systems administration (~20 machines) after their previous guy had allowed their servers RAID 1 to fail and hadn't done any updates or general maintenance. (please take note this office is my parents dental office).

I since have been recovering from his poor configuration and setup by instating an active directory environment and installing up to date software as well as updating machines on the domain to Windows 10 since windows 7 is no longer supported. I have also been properly licensing everything.

My bosses (my parents) are annoyed with this because "it's more expensive" and "it's too complicated we don't know how to manage it" and I don't know how to explain to them that they aren't fucking systems admins. They asked why they could do it before and I tried to explain that now it's secure and things need to be rolled out on the network level. They had every user running full local admin on every workstation plus the server.

Some people don't fucking understand that just because it's simple doesn't make it a good fucking idea. And because it's cheap doesn't mean it will always be (just wait till Microsoft audits you).

Oh and they also don't understand fucking CAL licensing and refuse to pay for gsuite for all their staff who use it. Instead they just have two gsuite accounts and give everyone the fucking password.

I'm going to have an aneurysm

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    Never work for you family. Never.
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    You don't have to help people just because you're related by blood.
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    Given my experience with half of all dental offices being ways to justify financing for an office park on the sly to become a landlord, cheapness checks out.
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    Dentists (or medical personal in general) should be aware with what data they work: Under GDPR (and the UK still has it after the Brexit) medical data is considered "sensitive" - letting it be compromised can get one in serious trouble.
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    @sbiewald it depends if the patients are from europe. Zhe british gouvernment has said that they would remove their local gdpr rules. If they have patients from an eu-state they would be required the comply with the gdpr.
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    @stop But they didn't do it yet. And - I'm sure about that - there will be different privacy protection laws after the removal.
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