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I've been using Ubuntu for about two/three years now. I'm feel rather comfortable with Linux, but am not quite sure I'm at Arch level yet. What distro would you recommend for a mid-level Linux lover?

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    Manjaro. Its basically a headache-less arch
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    @yellow-dog I'll check it out. Any recommendations for desktop /wm?
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    Go with Manjaro, it'll groom you for arch if you ever want it. Also, Mint is a good stepping stone to Manjaro. Trust!
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    @RocketSurgeon I agree, you're not really missing much by not hopping to other distors.

    - former distro hopper
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    If you want a "better" Ubuntu experience, I'd go with Debian, else Manjaro for the Arch taste.
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    Arch is really not that bad. It's just a bunch of hype surrounding it cause some people want to feel elite. It has some of the best forums and documentation and the AUR is great
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    Fedora is basically Ubuntu done right.
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    @Yuno it's also redhat
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