Today I got yelled at for planning to skip work because I had pressed interested on a Facebook event that occurs at the same time as a overtime work event....

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    Was it a critical work event?
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    This is hilarious
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    @Jumpshot44 no it's "optional" but we're strongly encouraged to attend.
    Pretty sure I liked the event Long before the work one was planned.
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    They look at your fb? Where is fucking privacy? This is bullshit! Your obsessive employers should not peer into your life. Fingers for them. _..!.. ..!.._
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    Step 1 : Unfriend boss
    Step 2 : Block him
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    I don't add colleagues either, saves me the trouble of keeping an eye on who sees what. Also: got yelled at? Seriously?
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    Exactly why you should keep work and friends separated.
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