Me, a 19 year old student at a meeting with a "potential new project" today:

Her: So, we would like a website where people could rent a conference room, and pay for it on the website. After they have paid, we want automated emails to go out to us and the person that rents the room. We basically want an automated rental system.
Me: Sounds fair, what kind of budget do you have in mind?
Her: Well because you are a student and you still live at home, we have a budget of about €200 (~$220). We thought it'd be fair because you don't really need an income yet.

At that point I slowly tried to fade away from the meeting... Please help me 😭

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    Send me the contact I'll send a counter offer for 5k€
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    Some people have no shame...
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    Yeah sure - sort of like the people renting the conference rooms for 99 cents! Haha

    It is very important to learn when to walk away from a project. Good luck!
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    @Jumpshot44 exactly, this crossed my mind several times during the conversation 😂
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    This is absolutely horrible. Thought this just was happening in Spain, where people is tech-dumb and don't respect work done by others. Anyway, you should have said something like... "So... do you know how to rent conference rooms? How much do you earn? Well, I know how to make websites and if you want one you should pay the project in full or no deal at all. Take it or leave it but don treat me as dumb as I didn't with you from start."
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    Tell you accept the budget but it is the hourly rate
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    @azous This is brilliant 😂
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    @EkstrLabs thanks 😝
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    @EkstrLabs hey, notify and snoozit! are super cool ideas!
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    @azous Thanks! Currently only available on Android, as developing for Android is just a one time €25 payment, and for iOS is way more expensive. Try them out if you like 😀
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    @EkstrLabs hopefully you got a free meal out of it at least... Business lunches are the best
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    @ReturnVoid Actually, I only got a free ice tea... Shame on them 😂
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    @EkstrLabs yeah that's when you know they're not serious...
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    @ReturnVoid hmm food yes. I've got 200 € offer at min for website from friend, 1000 of versions, arty css and payed 100 cause he is my friend. Would be good for one day but not for 7 months of stretching ....
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    @freshlyfe yeah I'm not saying agree just because you get a free meal I'm saying that should be the minimum to listen to a pitch. The food doesn't factor into the compensation for the actual work at all
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    @ReturnVoid it's jay reminded me how greedy was my friend, i could not even pay the food , ..
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    $10,000 minimum.
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    How much would you guys actually ask for a project like this?
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    @edisonn No, luckily not. I left it open as much as possible. I think I am just not going to bother, as the woman was also very self orientated and did not understand a whole lot of what I said about websites in general. It will be another project where 90% of the time will be communication, instead of me knowing what features to build and planning ahead
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    @EkstrLabs from experience. For first projects you should never ever work in a project requiring to communicate the client more than a 10% of your worktime if things are not clear from scratch. You'll become mad on adding the new shitty feature the client wants, or changing all the concept in between, or answering a neverending emails stack... all of these leading to deadlines overpassed. It's just an opinion here.
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    @ivannieto Allready too late for that I suppose, had a lot of projects just like that already 😅
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