Please stay at home...

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    Don't be a mask?
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    @C0D4 It means don't broadcast. is the broadcast address for the network.
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    @nirmaldalmia well sure, but it's actually a subnet mask, hence where you loose the context of the joke.

    What this should be is a (as in public)
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    In udp x.x.x.255 is a broadcast address. But broadcast is just for subnet right? Or can you broadcast across all subnets? If that were possible ppl would be doing DDOS on the whole internet. Right?

    So yeah, the joke was good. I understood it as broadcast.
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    @Demolishun sorry I didn't get that, I lost a few packets 😏
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    The highest IP of a subnet is its broadcast Address isn't it?
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    @don-rager Yeah... man... like you feel so good you wanna tell everyone...
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    @C0D4 Dont worry friend, you can get some of mine.

    *starts to ddos C0D4*
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    You'll need IPv6 otherwise you wouldn't be able to address all human population
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    Ipv6 sorry
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