Felt jealous of everyone else's workstation so I decided to post my own.

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    The ultimate in water cooling...
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    Best of all, I don't have to worry about any bugs.
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    wait, how do you drink coffee while coding?
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    @cors see that tank? It's all coffee. He doesn't need oxygen anymore
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    There is an interesting back story here that I want to research.
    Or its just another completely random stock photo.
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    When you're drowning in deadlines
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    Now that's a hardcore C programmer!
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    Me using Galaxy Note 7
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    Onder the C! Onder the C! Down here is better, down where it's wetter take it fraum me
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    Only one monitor?? Dude, what a shitty workstation... 😄
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    Edward Snowden probably has a similar setup.
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    Totally fake.
    The power cable is unplugged.
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    I was considering a setup like that one but the problem is that tools like firebug, firebase and codeigniter don't really work there.
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