I've tried to Google this question and always get the same shit. So I hope I can ask it here.

Do any of you nerds know of any windows 10 UI customization software that's not rainmeter, but like rain meter?

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    I'm Pretty sure rain meters it.
    What don't you like about it, besides it being unstable as all hell (well the themes and customisation anyway) between OS versions.
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    jUsT uSe LiNuX tHo /s
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    Like @Stuxnet suggested, why not give KDE a try? 😊
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    @Root pffft I thought you used real Linux.

    Arch or nothing!
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    Thanks for the response everyone! Sorry it's been a bit to respond.

    @COD4 exactly what you mentioned. it is just unstable and kinda feels like it was ghetto rigged if you know what I mean.. hard to explain

    @stuxnet I've did have lubuntu for a minute on my old laptop. I need to really learn Linux better anyway. Good suggestion. KaLi LiNuX iT iS!!

    @Root I had KDE on that dual boot lubuntu. It was actually really cool. 🤣 I just got frustrated learning how to work it and ended up getting a new laptop as a gift from my wife. Thanks for the suggestion!

    You nerds rock. Drinks on me at the strip club tonight!
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    @C0D4 damn your name has a 0 not a o....
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    I think that's more of a windows changing things and theme builders not keeping up, more then rain meter it's self.

    why would I make a four letter word easy for someone to spam me 😅
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    @C0D4 you got me, nerd. You got me. 🤣

    I can totally see that. I just wish Microsoft would have done better with their own theme feature or at least make it modable.

    I'm overly obsessed with customization tho. First thing I do when I install a new app on my phone is check the settings for a theme or at least dark mode. If it doesn't have it, uninstall immediately. 😵
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    @Stuxnet they are not mutually exclusive.

    But yes Windows is not made for customisation. Linux is BSD is too.
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