Lockdown Day 1 of 21.

Royally fucked up.

Cooking gas ran out.

Drinking water is also over. The nearby water vending machine is also not working.

Hoping the gas shop will have stock at the time they told to come back.

Didn't have lunch, already starving even with whatever snacks that was stocked.

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    Induction cooker?
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    Lockdown at what scale? Clearly not just for you as you're visiting gas shop? :)

    Also.. don't you have water from, like, a faucet?
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    @netikras it's common that tap water is not drinkable.

    Remember that you can live many days without food but not without water.
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    @electrineer Thanks for the heads up. Apparently I live in a country where "tap water is not drinkable" is not something you hear... ever :D

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    @rutee07 don't have one. One of the friend has offered one, we're looking to collect it.
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    @HoloDreamer Yeah, it's cheap, fast, and pretty neat unless you cook one of those recipes that require actual fire or something. Gas stoves scare me. Good luck!
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    @netikras Police are roaming the streets and there is a good chance to get beatup if they think you're out without a valid reason.

    Fortunately, our apartment has bore well. But it's not drinkable water.
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    Where are you located?
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    Where do you live?
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    @Lyubo I think It's India. india is under lockdown for next 21 days.
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    @netikras you're going to want to keep that in mind if you decide to travel to 3rd-world countries.

    Tap water isn't suitable for drinking.
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    @electrineer Nice profile description :D
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    2nd world too. #ThingsYouLearnGrowingUpInBasicallyMexico
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    @Angry you make it sound like it’s actually drinkable anywhere at all. With all the shit they put in it.

    Even my dog won’t drink tap water.
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    An electric kettle is pretty nice too, especially if your tapwater is unsafe. Doesn't make it taste better, but kills all the nasty bugs.
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    @molaram those places actually exist: where I live (black forest, Germany) the tap water has better quality than most bottled water. It also comes pretty much directly from a spring up the mountain.
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    @zvyn so you're basically drinking from the danube :))
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    @molaram it might very well be from the same source! Donaueschingen (a village/town named "spring of Danube" in German) is really not far from here
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    and police royally beats the shit out of everyone who roams on streets. (necessary to prevent idiots roaming in streets without a valid reason)
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    @starksid good old India
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